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JA Michell Gyro Dec MkI + Rega RB-300

This JA Michell Gryodec MkI is now a picture of gleaming grace and elegance! The oxidization on this table shamefully masked its true beauty so our client had it flown in from his Luxembourg home in the winter of 2005. We decided to take special care on this vintage world-travler. Now its rewards, both aesthetically and acoustically, are far greater than ever before; arguably, even more than when it originally left the factory. A long time collector of vintage and hi-end audio equiptment; he wrote to us: "I studied it for hours like it was new again! ...and, when I finally dropped the needle after a long month of its absence, Alfred, something in music brought a tear to my eye. Thank you." As you will see from the detailed series of photos this is a truly shining example of what is possible when the real professionals are called in. Please call or email for price quotes in regards to having your own table restored to such a level of beauty & excellence. When they leave our hands they far exceed their original beauty as well as performance.

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