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About Us

We have been the foremost North American experts surrounding everything SME for almost twenty years now.
We have been officially recognized by SME England for the expertise & excellence in the field of the restoration of vintage SME arms.

First off the top it should be made perfectly clear. We are vacuum tube, two channel analogue zealots.
Been that way for years & we don’t plan to change.

Unlike some shops that dabble just enough in analogue to get by. Offering you a couple token Plexiglas current production tables & arms so as to say to their customers “of course we can serve your analogue needs”

Our passions for analogue are far more than skin deep. We live breath & die two channel vacuum tube analogue audio.

Unlike our competitors we carry a couple token cd players just so we can say “of course we can serve you digital needs”
And as for a plasma or LCD panel , you got to be joking here right ?

On our journey towards analogue nirvana over the last twenty years, we are very proud to say that we have amassed the largest private museum in Canada & probably one of the top three collections in North America.
The collection consists of well over 65 turntables & the better part of a 150 tonearms.
All either new in the box or museum / concourse grade.

This does not even begin to encompass the vast collection of ultra rare tube amplifiers, tube preamplifiers & tuners.
Of course they are all museum / concourse grade.

And add to that the largest stock pile of proudly British made Mullard & Brimar tubes in North America.

When someone comes to our shop for the first time we generally tell them to pack a lunch. You’ll be here for quite a while. People are in awe that such a vast collection actually exists in one place.

To address our concern in SME tonearms. Well lets just put this way.
We have the largest standing stock of vintage SME tonearms in the world. Bar none. End of debate.

At any one time we may have between 75 to 100 vintage SME arms in stock. Be it from the Early Series I 3012 dating from 1958 to 3012 Series II to 3012R to Early SME Series II 3009 Split Weights to the SME 3009 S2 Improved Fixed & Removable headshell models. Also lets not forget the SME Series III .

Our stores of new old stock SME parts are rivaled by no one out there.
Many of the parts we still have in stock were depleted at the SME corporate stores many many years ago.

Our rewiring & upgrades of SME arms has become legendary on every audio forum around the globe.
Peruse any audio forum locally or internationally for advice on upgrading your SME arm or doing a rewire and you will inevitably find our name mentioned.
We have rebuilt hundreds upon hundreds of SME arms.

So if your in need of some rare SME components or need to have your SME arm rebuilt from the ground up or wish to have your SME arm upgraded , be rest assured you have come to the correct place.

In addition should you need some free advice about your SME arm we will be only to willing to set you upon the correct path.

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