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Early Series I 3012 (1958)

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Here is a stunning example of an Early Series I SME 3012 produced close to the very beginning of 1958

You will notice some incredible differences in this arm compared to any other SME 3009 or 3012.

1st these extremely early Series I arms had no serial numbers. They were only stamped on the bottom “Made In England”

2nd notice at thickness of the base plate & boss Both pieces are at least three times thicker than on any subsequent arm.

3rd please notice the cueing mechanism and cueing lever. Completely different than on any other subsequent arm.

4th check out the rear main weight assembly and out rigger weight. These combine for an unheard of total weight of 360 grams. Definitely not made for any 7 gram cartridges. To balance a heavy Ortofon cartridge the main counter weight must be slide almost completely forward.

5th notice the Acorn nuts. They have no slots cut into the top side. When was the last time you saw Acorn nuts with no slots in the top. Answer “never”

6th please take special note of the knife edge bearing. You will not see this shape of knife edge bearing use in any other SME arm

7th the anti-skate assembly is nothing more than a small add on bracket

As with all our SME tonearms this Series I SME 3012 has been rebuilt from the ground up using exclusively SME New Old Stock Parts.

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