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SME 3009 3012 & Series III Bronze P1 Bed Plate Spacer

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Custom Bronze SME 3009 SME 3012 & Series III P1 Spacer Plate Adapter

After four years of research & development we are extremely proud to release our own version of the SME P1 Spacer.

This is without question the most versatile & refined bronze 10 Millimeter spacer ever conceived.

It is manufactured to the most exacting tolerance imaginable using absolutely the finest in materials.

Upon completion it is polished to a mirror finish & then deep cryogenically treated as we do with our Mullard vacuum tubes.

With this spacer you will be afforded a myriad of mounting possibilities.

Including retaining your original SME bed plate should you so desire. In addition you will be able to utilize your original acorn nuts & bolts for mounting the tower assembly to the bronze P1 spacer should you choose to eliminate your existing bed plate entirely.

The center cutout is amply big enough to accommodate your SME factory screening can or SME factory lower RCA pickups.

In addition we have given you an extra 4 millimeters of travel. Notice the elongated cutouts at the mounting holes.

For the application of this spacer with various tonearms please go to our tonearm category. We�ve taken the liberty to photograph this spacer installed with numerous arms.

The sonic improvements this bronze spacer offers are absolutely astounding.

This 10 Millimeter Bronze Spacer Plate Adapter will allow you to mount your SME 3009 ,SME 3012 & Series III tonearm on virtually any turntable where arm height is an issue. Including the Garrard 301 & Thorens TD-124

In fact it is never recommended to extend the tower completely on your SME tonearm. You are losing a great amount of rigidity. That is exactly why SME developed the original SME P1 Spacer.

These Bronze Spacer plates are supplied complete with all mounting hardware.

Also Note - This custom bronze spacer plate can be used in virtually all normal situations as well. Even where height is not an issue. We have found the addition of this spacer to offer such a dramatic & positive change in sound. Just remove your existing bed plate and install this beauty. You will thank us. Believe me.

Be sure to check back soon for the release of our custom bronze knife edge bearing.

100 % Money Back Guarantee !

As with all the products we sell. If your not 110% happy with the products & services you receive from us we will give you a 100% money back guarantee. On not only the price of the product but as well the cost of the shipping. That�s how confident we are in all the products we sell.

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